Descubre nuestros deliciosos platillos mexicanos




Mini Nachos


Fried corn tortilla chips with gratin cheese beans and pico de gallo with jalapeño.




Like grandma makes with tortilla chips and pico de gallo.

With or without cilantro, order it as you like.


(dairy) (gluten)

(2 units of the same)

The quesadillas are served on a wheat tortilla*

They can be ordered with gluten-free corn tortillas.

Cheese               €7.50

Champi cheese €8.00

Crazy Potatoes

€9.80 (spicy)

Potatoes with various chili sauce, house recipe.

Nopales Salad


(vegetarian or vegan) (dairy)

Tender cactus on a bed of tomatoes and pico de gallo and cheese

½ Cactus salad


(vegetarian or vegan) (dairy)

Refried beans  


(vegetarian) (dairy)

With Gratin cheese and tortilla chips.

Melted cheese


(dairy) (gluten)

Cheese and mushroom gratin accompanied by wheat tortilla

Vegan chili con carne


Beans seasoned with different meats,

vegetables and seasonings

The Sopes

(they are not soups)

Handmade corn pancakes with different accompaniments.

Usually beans, lettuce, cheese, and different meats or vegetables.

Vegetarian Soup     

€7.00 unit.

Vegetarian (dairy)

Fried white corn flour with black beans, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and onion

Tatemada Chalupitas

€7.00 unit

(dairy) (vegetarian)

Blue corn base, handmade, lightly toasted

and homemade roasted tatemada sauce, with cheese and onion.



Stuffed with Beans, Chickpeas and Black Beans.

Accompanied by pico de gallo. Vegan


4 identical units per serving in corn tortilla

Vegan Pastor.                                 €9.50

Seasonal Vegetable                       €9.00

Vegan Chorizo.                              €9.00

Mexican-style beans                     €7.00


The cazuelitas come with 6 tortillas so you can assemble the tacos yourself

Vegan Pastor Casserole


Textured marinated soy with a touch of pineapple, onion and cilantro.

Vegan or vegetarian casserole


Mixture of seasonal vegetables, thus ensuring the greatest freshness of the ingredients.

Vegan shepherd's casserole


Textured soy with the typical shepherd's dressings.

guajillo soup

(vegan) gluten-free.


Guajillo chili, tomato and quinoa noodle soup .

delicious with a touch of lemon

Vegetarian Chiles en Nogada


It consists of green poblano chiles previously roasted and peeled, stuffed with at least 20 ingredients, among which are tomatoes , onions, almonds, pine nuts and spices, various fruits such as apple, pomegranate and peach, to name a few.


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