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Fried corn tortilla chips with gratin cheese beans and pico de gallo with jalapeño.

Recommended for 4 people



Mini Nachos

Recommended for 2 people

Fried corn tortilla chips with gratin cheese beans and pico de gallo with jalapeño.




Like grandma makes with tortilla chips and pico de gallo.

With or without cilantro, order it as you like. Made by hand and in the moment.



(dairy) (gluten)

(2 units equal)

The quesadillas are served on a wheat tortilla*

They can be ordered with gluten-free corn tortillas.


Cheese    €7.50

chori cheese    €8.50

Champi cheese    €8.00

Chicken    €9.50

Synchronized ham, cheese    €10.00


Steak Huarache on toasted cheese. €10

Yellow corn base with grilled toasted cheese and steak base.

Crazy Potatoes


Potatoes with various chili sauce, house recipe.


Chicken flautas


(3 units/plate) Crispy corn tortilla with chicken, lettuce, cream


Chicken Chimichanga

2 units (lactose, gluten)


Red chilaquiles with chicken

Tortilla chips covered in red sauce, onion and chicken with cheese on top

Typical Mexican breakfast, lunch .

€ 12.50

Nopales Salad

(vegetarian or vegan) (dairy)

Tender cactus on a bed of tomatoes and pico de gallo and cheese


½ Salad.  of cactus

(vegetarian or vegan) (dairy)


Refried beans

(vegetarian) (dairy)

With Gratin cheese and tortilla chips.


Melted cheese

(dairy) (gluten)

Cheese, mushroom and chorizo gratin accompanied by wheat tortilla


Chili and meat

Beans seasoned with different meats,

vegetables and seasonings


The Sopes

(they are not soups)

Handmade corn tortillas with different accompaniments.

Usually beans, lettuce, cheese, and different meats or vegetables.

Vegetarian Soup

Vegetarian (dairy)

Fried corn flour with black beans, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and onion


Chorizo Soup


Fried corn flour, black beans, chorizo, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and onion.


Chicken Soup


Fried corn flour, black beans, chicken, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, onion


Sope pibil 

Fried corn flour, black beans, cochinita pibil, lettuce


Tatemada Chalupitas

(dairy) (vegetarian)

Corn base, handmade, lightly toasted and homemade roasted tatemada sauce, with cheese and onion.



Stuffed with Beans, Chickpeas and Black Beans.

Accompanied by pico de gallo.  Vegan


Chubby Meat


Corn tortilla kneaded by hand from gordita dough,

which is fried and filled with different ingredients.



4 identical units in corn tortilla per serving

Cochinita pibil    €9.50

Shepherd    €9.50

Almond chorizo    €9.00

Beef fajita    €10.00

Chicken fajita    €9.50

Lamb barbecue    €11.50

Steak and cheese    €9.00

Hearty    €9.50

Pulled pork                            €9.50

Vegan Shepherd    €9.50

Seasonal Vegetable    €9.00

Vegan Chorizo.    €9.00

Mexican-style beans    €7.50





The cazuelitas come with 6 tortillas so you can assemble the tacos yourself

Pastor Casserole

Lean pork with a touch of pineapple, onion and cilantro.


Cochinita Pibil Cazuelita 

Baked pork with typical marinade in southern Mexico,

accompanied by purple vegetables.


Chicken Casserole

to the pumpkin flower ( off menu until September)


Chicken with sour cream mushroom and pumpkin flower


Chicken fajitas


Grilled chicken breast in strips with melted cheese peppers and house sauces


Beef Fajitas


Grilled striped beef with melted cheese peppers and house sauces


Lamb barbecue

Slow-steamed lamb rib and leg

Seasoned with guajillo chili, aromatic herbs. and Served with onion and cilantro.


Vegan or vegetarian casserole

Mix of seasonal vegetables

thus ensuring the greatest freshness of the ingredients.


Country casserole


Steak meat, chorizo, cheese and poached onion.


Vegan shepherd 's casserole

Textured soy with typical shepherd's dressings


Pulled Casserole pork

(mustard, nuts)

Seasoned pork leg meat

with honey mustard barbecue sauce and stewed onion.



*Mole enchiladas

(nuts, peanuts, gluten, dairy)

Tortillas with chicken, mole sauce, accompanied by a slightly spicy garnish.


*Swiss Enchilada


Tortillas with chicken, green tomatillo sauce,

mushrooms and pumpkin flower with chicken and gratin cheese.


*Long preparation dishes may take up to 40 minutes, consult with the staff

Birria De Res

Ideal for 2 people

Beef stewed in its juice with a touch of oven Where the consommé marries with its own meat

in tacos bathed with their spicy touch, with lime vegetables and cilantro



Pork ribs with Chipotle

In barbecue/chipotle sauce, Patatas Locas and tortillas.


Beef rib at low temperature

Chipotle with pico de gallo, Crazy Potatoes and tortillas



guajillo soup

(vegan) gluten free.

Guajillo chili, tomato and quinoa noodle soup .

delicious with a touch of lemon


pozole           ( vegan option by prior order)


Broth made from cacahuazintle corn kernels

Which is cooked for two hours and in this process, the corn grains lose the fibrous shell that covers them and when they boil they open like a flower,

It is accompanied by pork or chicken, different vegetables, radish and lettuce

A Traditional Pre-Hispanic Mexican Dish

Chiles in Nogada


It consists of previously roasted and peeled green poblano chiles, stuffed with at least 20 ingredients, including pork or beef, tomato, onion, almonds, pine nuts and spices, various fruits such as apple, pomegranate and peach, to name a few.

Exclusively seasonal dish between September and November. (check availability as very limited units are prepared)

A vegetarian option is available only by prior request.

Contains dairy and nuts

Gluten free


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